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Your business lives or dies by the sales you can bring in. Getting your copywriting sorted is the biggest and best step you can take. For your website … social media … emails … ads every place where you use words to promote your products.

Take Breakthrough Copywriting, by renowned UK copywriter Andy Maslen, and watch as your copywriting skills improve day by day.

Learn at your own pace, wherever works for you – at your desk, at your kitchen table, on the bus to work, under that big old oak tree in your back garden. Watch each seminar as many times as you like. Then practise what you learn with hands-on exercises that will help you improve your writing skills.

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It couldn’t be simpler to learn with Andy. He shares the tips, secrets and pitfalls he’s learned over years working with clients including the Economist, World Vision and the Prudential.

Looking for easy to implement, straightforward, honest and approachable copywriting training? This is it. The 32 modules are easy to work through and focus on practical advice, not academic fluff. I was worried that it would be either patronising or alienating but Andy’s direct approach and use of examples struck the perfect balance. I am delighted that I did this course and now shudder when re-reading my old copy! You have nothing to lose – just book it and do it now

Jossie, Cosmic Ltd., Bermuda.

All yours - 32 online video seminars and 300-page course manual

  • 32 video seminars – your step-by-step route to becoming a copywriter
  • Special bonus session on how to “sell” your copy
  • 33 practical exercises to polish your skills
  • 300-page course manual in searchable PDF format with further reading, a readymade swipe file and all the exercises from the course
  • FREE! Andy’s Power Presenting toolkit to help you polish your presentation skills

In the course Andy takes you, step-by-step through every aspect of writing fantastic, results-getting, client-pleasing copy. You get 32 video seminars including a special bonus session, plus 33 practical exercises to complete.

The 300-page course manual in convenient, searchable PDF format, is a handy reference with further reading, a readymade swipe file and all the exercises from the course.

On its own it would more than justify your investment in the course. In fact, there’s probably as much or more information in it than other courses give you as their only offer.

The manual contains these extra sections:

  • Appendix 1 Further reading – a list of books specially selected by me to add to your understanding of the craft of copywriting.
  • Appendix 2 Glossary – every single technical term in the manual explained, from ‘catfish’ to ‘passive voice’.
  • Appendix 3 Andy Maslen F IDM – your way to check my credentials.
  • Appendix 4 Swipe file starter pack – a selection of classic and contemporary copywriting for you to learn from and use as the basis of your own swipe file.
  • Appendix 5 Index – a fast way to find the section you’re looking for.

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