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Do you want to write copy like a pro? Duh! Dumb question. The real question is, how do you write copy like a pro?

As hundreds of marketeers just like you have already discovered, the answer is simple. You just need to apply a few simple techniques as set out by leading UK copywriter Andy Maslen.

Once learnt, and practised until they’re second nature, they’ll take you wherever you want to go. If you put in the work…


Andy has set out the techniques he relied on during a 30- year career as an in-demand copywriter in Breakthrough Copywriting. It’s an online copywriting course designed specifically for people like you…

… ready to learn new skills, and improve on existing ones. But too busy for old-school, classroom-based courses that take you away from your desk for a whole (often unproductive) day.

With Breakthrough Copywriting, you learn at your own pace, wherever works for you – at your desk, at your kitchen table, on the bus to work, under that big old oak tree in your back garden.

Watch each bite-sized video seminar as many times as you like. Then practise what you learn with hands-on exercises that will help you improve your writing skills.

Best of all, the entire course is yours, thanks to Addleshaw Goddard.

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It couldn’t be simpler to learn with Andy. He shares the tips, secrets and pitfalls he’s learned over years working with clients including the Economist, World Vision and the Prudential.

“Looking for easy to implement, straightforward, honest and approachable copywriting training? This is it. The 32 modules are easy to work through and focus on practical advice, not academic fluff. I was worried that it would be either patronising or alienating but Andy’s direct approach and use of examples struck the perfect balance. I am delighted that I did this course and now shudder when re-reading my old copy! You have nothing to lose – just book it and do it now!”

Jossie, Cosmic Ltd., Bermuda.

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Learn from a master-copywriter

Andy Maslen is a well-known copywriter and author. He has trained over 4,000 copywriters, and marketing teams at The Economist, BP, The London Stock Exchange, Emap, Weight Watchers (UK), the RSPB and PwC, among others.

He has written five books on copywriting, including Persuasive Copywriting and the best-selling Write to Sell.

In a 2016 poll of copywriters in the UK, he was named third most influential copywriter, beating Drayton Bird and David Ogilvy.

He is executive creative director of copywriting agency Sunfish, which works with organisations that want to get their message across in writing. And he speaks and writes widely on copywriting.

His first corporate copywriting job was writing direct mail campaigns for a reports publisher. His last was running the same company’s marketing department. He says he enjoyed the first job more than the last one.

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