“Thought I should keep you in the loop. I’m working with Drayton now on a freelance basis. And at his last copy day in Bristol last week he even had me stand up and do a talk to take people through the letter I wrote to him. I’ve attached it here so you can see just how much your training and advice helped. (Note: the bits in arial are the bits I hand wrote in the original version) Plus, I’m also about to move on to another in-house copywriting role at another IT company for more pay. And you helped with all of this, so thanks again.” Damien Seaman, Copywriter and authororange_rule“Hi Andy, couple of years ago I read your book Write to Sell.  It changed things for me.  Now I’ve completed your Breakthrough Copywriting course and have to say another big thank you. I wasn’t sure I’d learn anything new on the course as I’d read your books, but I wanted to keep improving as a copywriter and there was nothing else around.  In the back of my mind was your satisfaction guarantee.Well, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and can see an immediate improvement in my copy.  Watching the videos has had, for me, greater impact than simply reading books. I can pause them to take notes and rewind if I need to recap. I can fit it easily into my schedule. And I’ve found it easier to retain and apply the information.The course has significantly increased my confidence and helped me win my biggest client to date.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Let me know if you ever run a level two.” Sarah Russell, Freelance Copywriterorange_rule“Hi Andy, Your course is fantastic, and I can’t wait to put your advice to good use.” Kate Vartholomaios, Copywriterorange_ruleorange_rule“I’ve just finished the final video of your Breakthrough Copywriting Course.This has been a life-enhancing ten weeks of study. I cannot thank you enough. Can’t wait for the DVDs, podcasts and printed manual to go through the materials again.I’d like to put together a proper written testimonial for you – a rave review, of course! Would that be of interest? I really want to help spread the word. You’ve created an invaluable resource and you’re an exceptional teacher. Alongside your course – and because I’ve felt so inspired by it –  I’ve been reading every book about copy I can get my hands on (mostly the ones in that bookshelf shot at the top of your emails. Great product placement!).But I wanted to write briefly now just to say thanks for something you mentioned in your web copywriting video. To paraphrase: that emails and sales letters are like first cousins. I just exclaimed at my laptop screen: “Yes! Exactly!”.I realised THIS was the way to write emails and applied the principles to a selection of our email campaigns.Revenue per email sent jumped from 1p to 20p. Long live long copy.Thanks to you, I feel ready and armed now with improved craft skills that I can keep on applying and honing.It’s inspirational people like you and John Caples who remind me why I chose direct response over advertising. In a profession drowning in its own self-importance and unsubstantiated waffle, it’s refreshing to be reminded what really counts: nailing the right words that sell like crazy.” Tim Connor, CRM Manager, Encore Ticketsorange_ruleorange_rule“Just a quickie to say thanks so much for the Breakthrough Copywriting pack. It’s brilliant! I have to say, as great as [leading copywriter] is, the course and materials that you’ve put together are far, far superior to the course that he started. Fantastic work!” Laura Silcock, Copywriterorange_rule“Taking time out of my schedule every week to think about writing – how and why I do what I do every day – led me to be more conscious in my work. For example, I took a close look at my planning process. I’d been doing things the same way for years without much thought. Andy shared some planning tools and techniques that I’ve found to be very helpful. My planning process is certainly more efficient now.I haven’t been in a classroom in a long time, and I rarely get really detailed feedback on my work, so it’s been great to learn some new tricks and shed some bad habits. For that reason, I’d recommended the course to more experienced writers, not just those who are new to the industry.  ” Katrina Melvin, Copywriter, Online Marketing Team, Quintiqorange_rule“I just wanted to thank you for this brilliant course it’s really helped me in my work. Merry Christmas and thank you!” Lorna Wishart, Marketing Assistant, Cascade Human Resources Ltdorange_ruleorange_rule“Thanks for that Scrooge tale, fantastic stuff. The email equivalent of a glass of my favourite mulled wine. 

Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing your insights.

 Steve Alphabet, Copywriter orange_rule“Thank you Andy, I’ve really enjoyed the copywriting course and I’ve learned so much.” Vittoria D’Alessio, Copywriterorange_rule“Andy Maslen’s Breakthrough Copywriting Course is your go-to program if you’re looking for the chance to study with a Master, gain the knowledge you need to make a six-figure income as a copywriter and propel your skills to completely new levels. In the last two years I’ve launched campaigns that have brought in over $2 Million dollars in revenue and the minute that Andy opened up the doors to study with him in this way I jumped at the chance. Andy’s Breakthrough Copywriting Course has given me the structure and tools that I was looking for to really become a Master of my craft. The program is packed with everything you need to succeed. Sign-up now. Sign-up fast. Andy is a legend and it’s  a great chance to study the insider secrets of one of the greatest copywriters of our time.” Ian Paul Marshall, CIO, profitspassionpurpose.comorange_rule“Hi Andy,Thanks very much for the breakthrough copywriting course.I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learnt a lot – and am now busy putting it into practice.Now that I’ve finished the course, Monday mornings just aren’t the same…” David Bain, Copywriterorange_rule[raw]
[/raw]“As it’s almost a year to the day since you ran the first Freelancing Masterclass a thought occurred to me. Since I took the course I have quadrupled my rates and am now getting the type of clients I wrote down in my A4 pad on the day of the course as ‘ideal’.Pretty good going, huh?Thanks again!” Katherine Wildman, Creative Director, Haydn Grey Ltdorange_rule“As an old hand with agency experience and a few gongs, I always look to improving the ‘writing product’.I was going to provide an app on the subject until I saw that you had already been there and done it!Ho-hum.Have a good Christmas.” Nigel Leyson, Copywriterorange_rule“I felt sad when Andy’s Breakthrough Copywriting course ended. The course content is inspiring and fun. The videos are peppered with pertinent quotes and useful facts. During the course, Andy takes you through several examples of successful copy. He gets you to analyse why it works so well and to think about how to apply these lessons to your own copywriting.  Best of all, you get multiple downloads of useful exercises, templates, examples and analysis that are sure to become an indispensable part of your copywriting toolkit, as they now are of mine.Andy Maslen’s Breakthrough Copywriting course is like having an older, wiser friend standing at your shoulder to help you improve your skills. You can’t get better tuition for the price. If you’re at all serious about improving your craft and making more money in marketing, I urge you to try this course.” Damien Seaman, Copywriter and authororange_rule[raw]

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